View Full Version : Wireless ?

2008-12-07, 13:40
My SB is running wireless. It does not work and shuts down if my computer is not on. Is it possible to run the SB and utilize internet radio w/o the computer being on?

2008-12-07, 13:52
On the SB go to Music Source and select SqueezeNetwork. You may need to register if you don't already have an account (http://www.squeezenetwork.com).

2008-12-07, 18:35
Radish is correct, assuming that your wireless network and internet connection are still up when you shut your computer down.

2008-12-08, 22:08
I have a squeeze network account. Whenever I shut my computer down the SB screen goes blank. If I push the power button it registers "connecting to squeezenetwork" then it goes blank again.

Patrick Dixon
2008-12-09, 13:47
Do you use a router to connect to the internet, or are you connecting through your computer?