View Full Version : Remote conflicts betw squeezebox and my DVD player

Scott Harris
2004-04-21, 11:32
Hi all,

I have a rather unique (I think) problem. My squeezebox sits right on
top of my Zenith DVD/VCR combo player. The problem is that my
Squeezebox remote shares the same IR signals as my DVD player. So when
I hit the "4" button on the squeezebox remote, for instance, the tape
ejects on the Zenith VCR. If I hit other squeezebox remote buttons,
various events happen on the DVD player.

I know I can disable the JVC codes for the squeezebox, but can I change
the codes for my Squeezebox remote so that it will not conflict with the
DVD player? (Probably not I'm guessing.)


Scott Harris
scott (AT) scott-harris (DOT) org