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2008-12-06, 09:11

Can anyone help with a problem that started happening in the last couple of days. Each time I switch on my controller handset or change the music source from my PC to SqueezeNetwork, the display shows a message "Updating Squeezebox firmware". The receiver light flashes for a while then appears to complete.

Everything works fine until change the music source again and the whole process kicks off again.

Anyone know what's going on?

Any advice gratefully received.


Mark Miksis
2008-12-06, 09:21
SN was recently upgraded to the equivalent of 7.3. This will happen everytime you switch until you have SC 7.3 running on your computer. It's up to you whether to update now to an SC 7.3 nightly or wait until it is officially released.

Out of curiosity, why do you change your music source so often?

2008-12-06, 09:47
Thanks for the swift reply Fletch - just upgraded to 7.3 and everything is fine now.

The only reason I change music sources is because if i choose to switch off the receiver when the music source is selected as my PC it doesn't seem to stay switched off - whereas it does when the music source is Sqeezenetwork. A minor annoyance which may not now exist using v7.3.

Many thanks once again.


2008-12-11, 06:00
I'm a bit confused:
If I understand correctly, the latest SqueezeCenter release is 7.2.1; the 7.3 is beta. Correct?

So for someone like me, who's not sure about using betas, I'm going to be stuck in that loop until 7.3 is "stable"?
I switch A LOT because I have music on my Dell Vista Vostro, then I take it work and my wife switches it her iBook, then at night when our computers are off, I switch to Squeeze Network for some late night radio.

So we have to deal with this firmware loop problem at least 3-4 times/day!

If I do get fed up and do the 7.3 beta release, what's the worst that can happen, and is it available for Mac, too? And is Softpedia only place to get it? If not, where else?

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me :-) (and please-I'm just a lowly Vista user who doesn't understand all the jargon here, so if you Keep It Simple for me, much obliged!)

2008-12-11, 09:20
I use the powersave plugin to keep my SB3 and receiver off when not in use.

2008-12-11, 15:23
Ok, I took the plunge and installed the 7.3 nightly, and it's still re updating the firmware every time I switch the music source.

What to do? :-(

2008-12-11, 18:46
I am having the same issue with my Duet (2 days old). Every time we switch from SqueezeNetwork to the computer it takes forever (ok, like 1 or 2 mintues) and then applies firmware updates. Not sure why it does that. Any ideas?

2008-12-12, 03:10
The same problem here. See my post (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=56060).