View Full Version : Rhapsody channels from my library-confusing to start

2008-12-06, 09:09
Seems like a small but confusing bug. If I select a Rhapsody channel and hit play it works just fine. If I go to Rhapsody/my library/channels and select play, it won't. What will happen is that the 1st song will show up and the song timer will start, count up to 30 seconds, and then restart at 0. This will go on indefinitely with no sound output.

If instead of selecting Play I select Add and then Play, it will start playing and works fine.

The bug description is that Play should result in the channel actually playing, if some reason Add really is required first then Play shouldn't be shown as an menu option until after Add is selected.

One correction: This is not true for Rhapsody pre-defined channels even if they are in My Channels. What doesn't work are stations that are created for a specific artist. Rhapsody allows you to create a radio station for any artist mixed with similar artists (think Pandora), these show up as <artist> Radio.