View Full Version : Receiver has blue lights, won't connect though.

2008-12-06, 07:28
Am having an intermittent problem - yesterday all was OK.

This happened last week, and now today.

Controller is connected, receiver appears to connect, going to a solid blue light.

Nothing listed in controller menu though, when I go to 'Choose Player'

Powercycling hasn't helped.

What to try next?

I have latest downloads of all software. (except controller tells me there's an update but won't download it.)

2008-12-08, 10:40
Please contact support:



2008-12-08, 18:42
I had the same problem, and while I was waiting for tech support to answer the phone, I read in the wiki how to factory reset the unit. I move the unit closer to my wifi, and reset it. I could then move it back to where I wanted it.