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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-04-21, 00:19
Hi Daryle,

Can you run the util under
http://www.jsresources.org/apps/JSInfoApplet.html and send me a
screenshot of the tab that lists the mixers. That might give an idea on
how easy/difficult it would be.



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Richard Titmuss wrote:

> You could try using Java 1.5.0. This is currently a beta release, but
> includes "Optimized direct audio access is implemented on all
> platforms (RFEs 4908240 and 4908879). It is enabled by default on
> systems which offer native mixing (i.e. Linux ALSA with hardware
> mixing, Solaris Mixer enabled, Windows DirectSound)."

Well I installed 1.5.0 but it seems to still be using the WaveOut device
rather than DirectSound. After an admittedly very brief bit of research
it seems that DirectSound has been in Java for some time but it needs to
be selected to output that way. Not knowing any Java I may also be off
base here but here is one good link I found:


Including this great little diagnostic tool:


Daryle A. Tilroe