View Full Version : squeeeznetwork down?

2008-12-05, 01:58
Hi there,

When i connect to squeeznetwork my player just freezes on the now playing screen. The remote does not work at all.
Going via the web interface fares no better as when i try to connect to any of my favorites it just seems to time out.
This has been the same for about 4 hours at least. Iam based in the UK


2008-12-05, 03:15
I have the same problem in Moscow, Russia - my Squeezebox does not respond to commands from the remote.

2008-12-05, 06:34
Same here; Pandora and Internet Radio both "stopped" and unable to play. I am resorting to Squeeze Center at this point which is fine in all play aspects.

2008-12-05, 10:44
Situation still the same via Squeeznetwork. Have to reboot squeezebox to exit. Resorting to going via squeezecentre but this is not ideal for me. Anybody in the know as to what the problem might be?


2008-12-05, 15:01
Perhaps try to upgrade the firmware by installing SC 7.3 nightly build

2008-12-05, 17:08
The nightly build does not appear to work either, although I inadvertently found a workaround. Other possibly-useful info:

-I am located near Phoenix, AZ, USA. I was last able to use SqueezeNetwork successfully yesterda (12/04) at around 9PM mountain time. I first noticed the problem today (12/05) at around 5AM, and am still experiencing it as of 5PM.
-I have tried both the latest stable build and the latest nightly build and get the same behavior with each.
-My Squeezebox operates normally until it connects to SqueezeNetwork (as evidenced by displayed the correct time). Once it does so, NO remote buttons work - I can't browse menus, change the brightness or font size, etc. However, the clock does advance normally, and the display reflects changes to the time format that I make on SqueezeNetwork.
-If I disconnect from SqueezeNetwork by unplugging my modem, the Squeezebox tries to reconnect (as usual), and I again gain control through the remote. I can also use the remote immediately after cycling power, as long as I do so before the Squeezebox finds my network and connects to SqueezeNetwork. Whenever SqueezeNetwork is up, I'm completely locked out.
-Finally, my inadvertent workaround: if I first connect to SqueezeCenter, then I can then connect to SqueezeNetwork (specifically, Pandora) and things appear to work normally - music plays, I can browse the menus, etc. Unfortunately, as I rarely have my computer on, this isn't a very good solution for me.

Any other ideas? Clearly this problem is not completely unique, although it doesn't seem to be very widespread either.

2008-12-05, 22:57
Been down for several hours now in L.A. Squeezebox frozen, does not respond to remote, hard reset several times.

Assume network is down, hoping its back tomorrow.

I couldn't figure out how to load latest firmware, so set auto-update to "on"

2008-12-06, 03:18
Not working properly here in the UK, has been down since yesterday.

2008-12-06, 08:26
Back up in L.A.

Hopefully will stay up now.

2008-12-07, 02:39
still not working properly in the UK. Will not stream z88.3 properly. plays for approx 2-3 secs then just rebuffers for ever!!!

2008-12-07, 06:13
mpc, streaming itself has nothing to do with SN