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2008-12-04, 10:52
While I love the SD products (I own a TP and an SB3), I do not like the playlist function on SC. I find it much easier to make them on J. River, which I mostly use as a library manager and (re)tagger. However, I want to play them on SC. Does anyone know if it is possible to import/scan J.River playlists into SC? If so, how is it done?

Thanks for any help provided.

2008-12-04, 16:09
You can export them manually from J. River by right clicking on the playlist and choosing export. Export it to SC's playlist folder with the options:
M3U Playlist (simple)
Output range: all
everything else blank

Then rescan playlists from Squeezecenter.

I have several smartlists in J. River that I export on a schedule every night prior to the automated SC rescan, so they are picked up new each day. Media Center's built-in scheduler will do the automatic export of all playlists to your Music folder, and then you just need a batch file or sync program to copy the lists you want to your SC playlist folder.

2008-12-05, 09:21
Excellent. That makes ne very happy. Thanks much.

2008-12-06, 10:41
OK. No success yet. I tried to export to /raid/data/module/squeezecenter/system/etc/playlists, which should be my playlist folder. However, when I try to export J. River says the folder does not exist. Any ideas?

2008-12-06, 11:53
Do you want to export them manually, or automatically on a schedule? And are you using Media Center or Jukebox?

2008-12-06, 12:32
I think I was trying a manual export, but it would be nice to have it done automatically.

I am using Media Center 12.

I run SC on a Thecus n5200Pro NAS. I tried exporting again and added //n5200:9009/ to the playlist folder address. That did not help either.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

2008-12-06, 13:18
A key thing is whether SC and J.River see the path to your music in the same way - as you've done a manual import, I guess they do.

If so, add a shortcut (to the folder which holds the playlists) into the top level folder of your SC music library folder. SC should then scan it along with your music library and pickup the playlists.

How you add the shortcut will depend on what OS you are running.

Also, the setting for the playlist folder in SC should be the /raid/data/module/squeezecenter/system/etc/playlists folder address. Maybe try this before the shortcut?

2008-12-06, 13:22
Okay, same version as me so that makes it easy to explain. One thing that might make a difference is the music path to the files. Hopefully you use UNC paths in both SC and JRMC, so the paths will be the same in both programs.

To export them manually:
Find your playlist in the tree of the MC desktop GUI. It doesn't matter if it is a static playlist or a smartlist.
Right click and choose "Export Playlist..."
A dialog box will appear. For save in, browse to the folder you have designated in SC for playlists. Tick the options for M#U playlist (simple) and Output all, then click OK. If it is a large playlist it might take a few seconds.

You can only export one playlist at a time this way.

To export all playlists automatically on a schedule:
In MC Options > General, make sure you have it set to run Media Server on Windows Startup so the scheduled task can run.
In the tree of MC, scroll down and expand "Services & Plugins."
Click on Scheduler.
Click "Add Task"
For description, type a name for the task.
For program, enter: C:\Windows\System32\MC12.exe
For arguments, enter: /MCC 20004, 1
To test, you can tick off the box to run "now" but then you will want to go back in and set a daily run time and recurrence pattern.

I have mine run at 5 AM Avery day because my SC rescan occurs at 6 AM. If you have a lot of playlists, it can take a while, so allow time for it it finish.

The playlists will go into a "Playlist" folder in the same location where your MC12 library is stored. I've moved mine, so I don't know where yours would be stored. You can check its location in Library Manager in MC12. If you have playlists groups in MC, it will create a folder for each group. I have the smartlists I want available to SC in a group called SqueezeCenter so they all go to one folder.

Then I have a file sync program that watches this folder for changes and automatically copies the files to my SC playlist folder.

Hope that helps!

2008-12-06, 13:26
If so, add a shortcut (to the folder which holds the playlists) into the top level folder of your SC music library folder. SC should then scan it along with your music library and pickup the playlists.

This won't work because J. River stores playlists as part of its library in proprietary files. They are not in a format that SC can read until you export them. The message I just posted explains how to export them to a SC-readable format either manually or automatically.

I don't know how to edit the wiki, but if anyone wants to copy this there, feel free...

Edit: Though your suggestion of a shortcut could be used instead of using a sync program to copy the exported playlist files to the SC playlist folder.

2008-12-06, 13:57
Thanks again. However, I am still having the problem that when I browse to save in, I cannot find the SC playist folder and when I enter the address for the folder (/raid/et), it says no such folder exists.

2008-12-06, 14:13
Can you browse to that folder using Windows Explorer? Can you try setting a different playlist folder?

2008-12-06, 17:04
No, I cannot browse to that folder through Explorer. Don't know why.

I do not know how to create a different playlist folder, but would love to know how.


2008-12-06, 17:12
I suspect the problem is the NAS.

2008-12-06, 17:22
I can browse to my music folder and get to the module configuration folders, but cannot get to any SC folders.

2008-12-06, 17:26
I do not know how to create a different playlist folder, but would love to know how.

It's in the first tab of squeezecenter settings. Just enter a different path and click apply at the bottom of the page. Make sure it is one you can browse to. Mine is a subfolder of the music folder. Maybe a permissions issue or something. I am not familiar with that NAS.

2008-12-08, 10:09
After quite a bit of fiddling, I have had no success. I amy have to post this under 3rd party hardware.

Thanks for the help thus far.

2008-12-21, 12:02
OK. I have made progress, but this still won't work.

I exported the playlists to\\n5200\Music\playlists, a new folder. In SC settings, playlists, I created the folder /raid/data/Music/playlists. (/raid/data/ is how SC recognizes /n5200). I saved the setting and scanned playlists only. The playlists showed up under playlists, but were empty. when I went back to settings, playlists had gone back to the default (not sure if that matters). I tried rescsnning, but still the files were empty.

How can I fix this? Thanks for the help.

BTW, this is also posted on third party hardware forum.

2008-12-21, 12:22
I am not understanding why you can't put \\n5200\Music\playlists in the SC settings.

Another thing is you should open up one of the playlist files in a text editor and see how the paths to the music are written there. If the paths in the playlist are not using the same format as the path for your music folder in SC, they are not going to work, and that may be why you are seeing the playlists as blank.

Note: You do not have to use the "browse" button in SC settings to set the path. If you are using a UNC path, you should be able to paste it in the SC settings. This is how I have to do it on my home server because SC "browse" button only lets me see drive letters and I want it to use the UNC path.

If you paste in "\\n5200\Music" for your music folder and "\\n5200\Music\playlists" for the playlist folder and then click apply, what happens exactly? Is that when it reverts back to the other path format?

2008-12-21, 12:31
I don't have a technical explanation, but I just know that SC recognizes \\n5200 as /raid/data. For example, my music folder is \\n5200\Music. SC scans as /raid/data/Music.

I have tried putting \\n5200\Music\playlists under playlist settings and SC automatically convert it to/raid/data/Music/playlists.

2008-12-21, 12:32
Oh, and when I save the change to the new playlist folder, the new folder stays in the playlist line. SC says change saved. However, after I scan playlists, it reverts back to the old/default folder.

2008-12-21, 12:41
Interesting. Is there a Thecus forum where you can ask about this?

2008-12-21, 13:40
I did post as a Thecus question on 3rd party hardware forum.

I don't thin it is a Thecus issue, however. The playlists were successfully exported to the music folder on the thecus. it's SC that won't scan the whole file.

2008-12-21, 15:25
Now, I think the problem is the export itself. The files exported to the playlist folder on the Thecus are really small; 8-22kb. Most of my FLAC files are 300-400gb. Does that help?

2008-12-21, 15:54
Playlist files are actually a simple text list of paths. They will be small. My largest playlist is 92 KB with 1260 songs. As I said before, you can open them up in a text editor to see the format. Here is the first few lines from one of mine:

\\HPSERVER\Music\Jeff Healey Band\1990 - Hell To Pay\01 Full Circle.mp3
\\HPSERVER\Music\Alarm\1984 - Declaration\05 Sixty-Eight Guns.mp3
\\HPSERVER\Music\Rush\1993 - Counterparts\10 Cold Fire.mp3
\\HPSERVER\Music\Guns N' Roses\Greatest Hits (2004)\10 Live And Let Die.mp3