View Full Version : A Receiver out of sight synced to a Boom, no Controller

2008-12-04, 10:24

I recently bought a Boom for the kitchen, which works wonders. I would like to expand the range to the adjecent room, that has a home cinema set. The home cinema receiver is located in the basement, with all wires through walls and under floors.
My idea would be to store the Squeezebox Receiver near the Home Cinema receiver, where also the router is stored (so ethernet available).

Question: If I don't buy a Controller, how can I perform actions on the Squeezebox Receiver? My idea was to have the Boom and Receiver in permanent sync (if that's possible at all) and control the Receiver (and therefore the Boom) through the buttons on the Boom. Of course, I can always fire up a browser, but that would be the method of last resort.

Thanks for thinking with me.

2008-12-06, 02:32
Anyone? Nobody with a similar proposed setup?

2008-12-06, 07:37
Sure, you could do it that way. Seems kind of weird to only be able to control the thing from a different room, but if that's what you want :)

2008-12-06, 07:48
There may be hoops to jump through setting up the Receiver w/o a Controller:

I'd look for a Duet on sale for that reason, and because after you have a Controller you won't want to use the Boom's front panel anymore, I'm guessing.

Howard Passman
2008-12-06, 07:57
I don't know if price is an issue, but you could use the SB3 and then if you ever need a display you have it. Otherwise you could hide it away relatively easy. Easy to set up, still fairly small and versatile.