View Full Version : Squeezesoft - beginners quick question...

dick pigg
2008-12-04, 09:34

I am awaiting my Squeezebox Classic which Father Christmas is bringing me on the 25th and in anticipation I have loaded SqueezeCentre and have been playing with that (is there a users manual to download???) and as I haven't the hardware I installed SoftSqueeze to play my tunes. My Mac is on full volume but I can't seem to adjust the volume to a decent listening level - have I missed something?


2008-12-04, 10:48
On the softsqueeze "remote" there are volume up/down buttons. You will find that the out-of-the-box setting (just like the hardware) is 50%. Crank that up to 75% or 100% and you should be good to go.

You will have to do the same thing with your squeezebox hardware when it comes.

dick pigg
2008-12-04, 12:29
Yah! Thanks Rich - I clicked on the top right 'choose player' and then it worked - took me a while to figure that.