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2008-12-03, 22:48
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My player has had some issues with continuesly reconnecting. I found that that was most likely to the Wireless "G" protocol on the DirectTV 2Wire modem/router. No more disconnects.

It played after switching the router to "B" only

Now it scrolls through the selections and setup and I can press to play a internet radio station or i can pick an artist from my iTunes collection and it appears to be streamming data and when done the UV meters to the right are not moving, no audible sound and the song/time counter is not moving either.

I cannot find a restore to factory defaults.

I also cannot find an option to set the unit to function as a bridge. I have a new TV with Vieracast that should hook up through the device. I followed instructions to set the unit to bridge but it seems that my menu is skipping that option.

Hope somebody has a cookie cutter answer.