View Full Version : Expected behavior of Controller on waking

2008-12-03, 15:40

What is the expected behavior of the controller when it is left out of the charger within wireless range for an appreciable amount of time (10 mins? 30 mins? 1 hour?).

If I put mine down for a short time (<10 mins?), the screen goes blank (because I've selected the blank screensaver) and when I pick it up the screen comes on. However, if I put the controller down for a longer period of time (~ 1 hour?), when I pick it up it displays a circle of dots with a message (I can't remember what it is -- "connecting"?). Sometimes after a fairly long wait (several minutes) it connects, but usually it says it can't find a music source. If I turn the controller off and then on again it connects fine. Is this the connection problem discussed in the sticky above, or is it something else? Does the appearance of the circle of dots screen indicate some sort of connection problem, or is it normal in certain cases?

BTW, I'm using the controller with a SB3 not a receiver, so I don't get the "Blue Icon of Death" or related symptoms. In fact, the SB3 never loses connection.

I'm using SC 7.2 on XP, not sure what version of controller firmware.


2008-12-04, 10:26
your seeing the controller coming out of sleep mode when the circle of dots is there, however, it should connect. You should probably upgrade to 7.2.1 for the new controller firmware.