View Full Version : Any way to enter pipe symbol in network security key?

2008-12-03, 14:57
I just received a Duet and am setting it up for the first time. However, when trying to enter my network security key I could not find a pipe symbol (vertical bar) - one of the characters in my current security key - in the list of characters shown on the controller screen.

Did I miss it somehow, or is it just not there? (I currently have an SB3 set up and running on this network, so I didn't expect to run into an issue with the Duet.)

2008-12-03, 15:04
I'm not sitting at my machine right now but on the IR remotes you could get symbols by hitting the 1 key repeatedly. I think the pipe was in there, I know all kinds of brackets certainly are.

2008-12-03, 15:28
I had no problem finding the pipe symbol when setting up my SB3 with its IR remote, but I don't see how to enter the symbol when setting up the Duet controller using its scroll wheel and screen. Is there another way of entering the security key for setting up the Duet?

If I have to I can always change my security key, but I'm assuming there's a good possibility I'm missing something. :)

2008-12-03, 21:30
I looked again and still didn't see any pipe symbol, so I went ahead and changed my security key.

At least my controller is now working (see http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=55896).