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2008-12-03, 14:04

I'm a bit rubbish with all things computery, so hopefully someone can help.

I have my music on a computer, and the squeezebox upstairs plugged into the hifi.

A friend set it up for me so my laptop has squeezecenter on it too. There is no music on the laptop, it's all downstairs on the main PC.

The laptop effectively works (or worked) as a big remote control for the downstairs PC.

Anyway, just of late I've noticed the laptop shows all the music still - all my tracks are still there, but really weird - the music on the right (the playlist basically) remains blank of the laptop. The volume doesnt shift either... but the left hand side of the laptop squeezecentre (where all the albums etc are) works fine!...

So - strangely, I can view all my albums and play them on the laptop, but for some strange reason I can't see what's playing in the playlist or change the volume, because that's on the right hand side of the screen!

Downstairs, if I use the main PC to control things instead of the laptop then I get full 100% normal control.

Any ideas?

I'm not great on computers, so sorry for a request for simplicity!


2008-12-04, 10:18
You say your friend installed SqueezeCenter on the laptop? Are you sure that's right? Ask him, if you're not sure.

SqueezeCenter runs a web server and it can be accessed in a web browser from any computer on your network. Like you say, as a kind of "remote control". So there should NOT be a SqueezeCenter program on your laptop if SqueezeCenter is running on your main PC. You're only pulling up a web page, just like any other web page.

You can start by trying a couple of things on the laptop:

- Clear the browser's cache.

- Use Firefox as your browser, if you're not already. The SqueezeCenter web interface tends to work much better in Firefox than Internet Explorer.

2008-12-04, 12:10
hi Jim

Thanks for the reply, I learned a lot there.

You're dead right, I was using a webpage without even knowing. I had the software on the laptop too, but it wasnt doing anything so I removed it.

I cleaned the cache too. The problem is still there, but the computer is a lot faster - so still a good move.

Could it be the version of squeezecentre? - I think I recently updated to a new version of squeezecentre on my downstairs PC. Could this software be causing it?


2008-12-04, 13:16
Could it be the version of squeezecentre? - I think I recently updated to a new version of squeezecentre on my downstairs PC. Could this software be causing it?

Not likely, that would be a pretty major bug. If it works OK in a browser on the PC, but not in a browser on the laptop, then it's likely something happening at the laptop.

Maybe a browser security setting is keeping the Now Playing and Playlist panes from updating. Or maybe an anti-virus program on the laptop is doing it.

Which version of SqueezeCenter are you running?

What browser and version are you using on the laptop? What's the operating system?

If you're running any anti-virus program on the laptop, disable it for a minute and test the web interface to SqueezeCenter while it's off.

2008-12-04, 14:40
This sounds similar to a problem I've posted about before regarding my use with the DEFAULT interface (with no replies interestingly enough). My prior post (I'm now using 7.2.1, but issue remains the same):

Web interface with Squeezecenter 7.2 for ReadyNAS Duo. I don't know if this is a unique problem for me or a general issue. But on my XP machine (on either firefox 3.0 or IE 7.0) The playlist/Control portion of the browser interface doesn't work when using "default" interface. The Squeezebox itself plays just fine (music library, internet radio, etc.), but the right side of interface that controls playlists, allows editing of lists, starts/stop playing, etc. simply remains "dead". If I select the "classic" interface from SC 7.2 settings option, the playlist interface (right side of screen) works just fine.

Query: Is it just something odd on my end, or does the default interface not work properly on this readynas version of Squeezecenter 7.2? Thanks.
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Here's a related topic, that did have a couple of responses:


2008-12-05, 11:32
Hi Gary

Thanks very much for the advice - my problem was fixed by the same solution as you, a change to classic view.

This is bizarre isn't it?

Perhaps some kind of Squeezecentre bug?

2008-12-05, 12:07
To help track this issue down, can you tell me what system you're running and what version SC. As I mentioned, I'm running SC 7.2.1 (the official version for the ReadyNAS) on a ReadyNAS Duo. I'm accessing SC through the web using Firefox 3.0 on a Dell Laptop running XP (SP3) with all updates, etc.

2008-12-05, 14:57

laptop has windows vista home basic

my software says this

Version Info

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 17793 - Windows XP -

I presume the 'XP' is my main computer downstairs with the music and software on it.

I have a squeezebox 3

Thats as much as I can get, I'm not technical.


2008-12-06, 07:12
So we have very different setups but same issue. Some thoughts on our issue by more knowledgeable folks would be much appreciated.

2008-12-06, 07:42
So we have very different setups but same issue. Some thoughts on our issue by more knowledgeable folks would be much appreciated.

If the issue is that the Server PC functions fine with SC7 and both of you just can't access your Server PC SC7 via laptop, it could be a simple IP issue. If your router handles DHCP then every time you re-start your Server PC it may be getting a different IP. It is this IP you must enter on your laptop to access SC7.

The point being, your Server PC and SC7 may now have a different IP than when you initially accessed SC7 via your laptop.

Typical SC7 access IP will be:

Find your SC7 IP:
SC7 > Settings > Information > SqueezeCenter Status > IP?

In your browser enter (or cut & paste) that IP adding the :9000 and you should be good to go.

For easy access I make that IP an IE7 Favorite for quick recall. Every now & then the IP will change so I just edit the IP then re-save as a IE Favorite.

Beyond that you must be experiencing other issues. Network? Firewalls? AV blocking? Ports? Who knows.

2008-12-06, 08:04
Thanks. In both our cases we can access SC just fine from our laptop with web interface. And i can play music etc with no problem through a boom connected wirelessly. It is only the "playlist" section on the right side of screen that doesn't work. And the odd thing is that if I switch from default mode to classic interface the playlist side of web interface works perfectly. I thought it was something to do with running on readynas but OP is running from XP computer so it is not likely the readynas. Again, everything works perfectly so long as I use the classic web interface.

2008-12-07, 04:55
Just out of curiousity. Are there multiple players listed on the right section? On the top next to Logitech logo there is a drop down list which normally should only contain the one player you own.

2008-12-07, 06:57
I only have a single SB BOOM. In the default web interface, The dropdown on upper right doesn't show any players. In the classic interface, it shows the boom. by the way, even in the default interface (where the playlist info doesn't work, I CAN in fact add songs to a playlist, etc. from the left hand side, and these play on the boom as expected. They just don't SHOW UP on the playlist side of the web interface (in default mode). It's as if the right side of the default web interface is "dead".

2008-12-13, 08:55
UPDATE: In my case, upgrading to the official release SC 7.3 did not change anything. I still only get the playlist side of web interface working with the classic interface (does not work with default interface).