View Full Version : Very Impressed with 5.1.4/Softsqueeze/Live Archive/Shoutcast

2004-04-20, 12:40

I've had a SliMP3 for about a year, and until yesterday I've been running an
old yet stable verion of the SliMP3 server on a Suse Linux box serving a
home Windows network. I held back on installing slimserver because of the
initial problems that people had, but with the release of the Live Archive
and Shoutcast plugins and the latest Softsqueeze player I figured it was
time to get up to date.

All I can say is WOW. I'm not a Linux genius, but it only took me about an
hour to set things up, and everything works flawlessly. I've been using my
SliMP3 nonstop, and am considering ordering a wired SB for our family room

This is a really great product, and I'm thankful to the opensource
contributors (and slimdevices, of course) that made this possible.

Kit Cheves
San Diego, CA