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rocket j squirrel
2008-12-03, 11:59
I'd like to use my iTunes library. Logitech's help site says, "open the SqueezeCenter interface and click Settings at the bottom right, then click on the iTunes tab."

I don't have an iTunes tab.

I went to the Plugins tab and selected iTunes, then closed SC and relaunched it. Still no iTunes tab. I tried to access the iTunes settings page from the Plugins page and received,

"404 Not Found: settings/plugins/iTunes/settings/itunes.html"

So . . . I'm missing something, I reckon.

rocket j squirrel
2008-12-03, 12:33
Okay, wait -- I needed to completely close SC through (WinXP) Task Manager then restart SC to make the iTunes tab appear. My bad.

Now that that's been done, and I've pointed Settings > iTunes > Music Library.xml Location & iTunes Music Folder to the right places, it seems that I should be able to play my (non-DRM) tunes. But the secret to doing that is not apparent.

SC's Home > Music Library says I have no genres, artist, albums, etc., so it's not being helpful.

Is there a manual for SC that would explain simple things like this for simple folk like me?

2008-12-04, 03:27

Have you performed a rescan of your music library?
(Under the Basic Settings tab, in the Rescan Music Library section, choose Clear library and Rescan)

rocket j squirrel
2008-12-04, 08:19
Hi, thank you for the suggestion. I did as recommended, the rescan finished in 4 seconds and the music library still reports 0 songs.

2008-12-05, 05:58
From memory you just point SC to your iTunes .xml file, leave any music folder and playlist paths empty, do a full clear and rescan (not just "new & changed" scan) and that should be it

rocket j squirrel
2008-12-05, 08:11
Thank you. One more thing: Check the "Use iTunes" box. My guess was that this box determined whether one could play ones iTunes music on the SB by using iTunes (i.e., check the box), or from within SC (don't check the box).

100% wrong. Checking the box tells SC to make the iTunes music library available from within SC.

My bad. All is working now, many thank to all for the help.