View Full Version : use iTunes and browse folder without duplicate entries

2008-12-03, 05:31
To avoid duplicate entries after a scan, I configured the SC to use iTunes and my music folder is pointing to an empty folder. This gives me a much better scan result vs not using iTunes and let SC scan my music folder.

The downside is that the "browse folder" option is pointing to an empty folder. I like to navigate through my library using the directory structure I created so I am looking for a way to enable this.

Any thoughts?

2008-12-03, 05:37
The normal reason for duplicate entries is because the file path to the Music Library in SC and the file path used in iTunes is not in the same format. For example, SC has the file path of //Music/Album/Song, but iTunes is installed on a different box or uses a different path to get to an external drive such as M:/Music/Album/Song.

SC has no way of knowing that the two songs are the same one, so puts both in twice. The only way to achieve what you want is to make SC and iTunes see the path to the music in the same way. Can you give us a bit more detail about your setup to see if this is possible?

e.g. What OS/Version of SC/where is the music stored (hard drive/external drive/different box entirely?/ where is SC installed and what is the path that iTunes uses to see your music?

2008-12-05, 05:30
I run SC (latest production release) on an iMac (latest OS) and my music library is stored on a Apple TimeCapsule (Apple NAS drive).

I am afraid that you are right, the iTunes path might be different.

Is there no workaround to add the music folder path just for SC to use the file browse option? I am OK to use my iTunes index to browse on MP3 tag metadata but I would like to keep the option to browse in the folder structure I defined myself.

2008-12-05, 08:21
There is no workaround which would stop SC from reading both the iTunes xml and the music library folder and then adding both "versions" to the database. You could have a look at the CustomBrowse plugin - that might enable you to define a custom library so that only your iTunes songs were showing, but you would still have Browse Music Folder functionality.

The better solution would be to somehow resolve the different folder paths between Browse Music Folder and iTunes. Where is the iTunes xml file stored, on the Mac or on the Time Capsule and what is the file path you are using in iTunes? What path are you inputting as the Music Library setting? If you used an UNC path, could you use the same formulation for both?