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2008-12-02, 12:58
I have just upgraded to 7.21 running on a FC9 server and whilst most of the Artists appear in the right order sevearal dont eg

Alison Balsom
Bach JS
Amen Corner
Blue Mink
Dave Clark Five
Desmond Dekker

All of these appear when calling up letters TUV
It all worked fine in 6.51 so it can't be the tagging
I have cleared the database and rescanned

2008-12-03, 08:57
I've got the same problem ie the following appear under TUVWY -

Tim Buckley
Toni Childs
Tracy Chapman
Adams, John
Glass, Philip
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Van Morrison
The Waterboys

Did wonder if it was the commas in the names, but other artists with commas in their names appear in the correct order.

I too am running Squeezecenter 7.21 and have tried a complete rescan with no success. Squeezecenter is running on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server.

2008-12-03, 09:24
What version of MySQL?

5.0.45 through 5.0.51 don't sort correctly.

Use some other version if this is what you have.

2008-12-03, 10:53
What version of MySQL?

5.0.45 through 5.0.51 don't sort correctly.

Use some other version if this is what you have.

Thanks for that, I am running MySQL 5.o.51a.
Is there a later version as, as far as I can tell (using apt-get), the server is running all available updates from the Ubuntu repositories.

2008-12-05, 07:06
I have upgraded to Fedora FC10 same problem


SqueezeCenter Version: 7.2.1 - 23630 @ Mon Oct 20 19:52:55 PDT 2008 - Red Hat - EN - utf8
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.10.0 i386-linux-thread-multi
MySQL Version: 5.0.67

Platform Architecture: i686-linux

Hostname: newden.mshome.net

Server Port Number: 9000

Still getting same problem

2008-12-05, 09:15
Do any of the tracks by those artists have ARTISTSORT (TSOP for mp3) tags set?

2008-12-05, 12:49
I am using FLAC & OGG Files, using easytag on FLAC files shows no ARTISTSORT TAG

2008-12-05, 15:21
All my files are .flac and I also use Easytag which shows the tag as being FLAC Vorbis. As far as I know there is no ARTISTSORT tag.

Update - After thinking about Snarlydwarf's comment about the ARTISTSORT tag I remembered that I had ripped some of my music with Rhythmbox Music Player which uses the Musicbrainz database.
I examined the tags of tracks by artists that were sorted incorrectly on a windows PC using Mp3tag and looked at the extended tags (can't see this as an option in Easytag). Sure enough there were the offending tags - ARTISTSORT "unknown"!
I've removed all ARTISTSORT tags, cleared the library and rescanned, and now the artist sort order is correct,
So thanks once again for that, Snarlydwarf, now that's corrected and I don't seem to be suffering from the BIOD anymore, I'm very happy.

2008-12-07, 10:37
Yes same solution MusicBrainz tags.
I am annoyed by this however since squeezecenter 6.51 obviously ignored these tags and just used the Artist name. Obviously in the latest squeezecenter MusicBrainz tags take priority.
This is annoying since most tagging software doesn't show these extended tags and I haven't found any Linux software which does, I have to Use MP3tag on Windows via Samba to delete the MusicBrainz tags, which aren't even consistent in any way for instance :-

Ternstadt ( the conductor which is what Squeezecenter chose to sort on, so Mahler was appearing under T!)