View Full Version : Saving several music scans

2008-12-01, 17:39
I sometimes use different music directories as the source of my music. Eg laptop internal drive. Or one of several external drives. Or different master directories.

When I switch sources (always from the same computer) it is a PITA to have to do the full music scan each time. With 27000 songs it is currently taking two hours on a mini external 8mb 5400rpm drive.

Is there a way to save four or five different scans and select one based on the music source I am plugged in to? Presumably there is a file of the scan that could be renamed each time. Or is there a more "automatic" way - or has someone written a script to do such? Or could I run several instances of Squeezecenter with each configured to a different music source?

Tech guru help please!! (but not too technical)

2008-12-02, 03:16
I guess this could be handled by a plugin to switch databases.

However, I think this usage scenario is handled in the new database setup the devs are working on for the next major revision of SqueezeCenter. This work has been called New Schema and there are several threads on the subject along with a Wiki page.

I wouldn't hold your breath for 8.0 though, it's going to take a while :)