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2008-11-30, 18:24
People are apt to write forum messages when they have questions, problems or gripes. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to write a short message to say how much I am enjoying my 2 squeezeboxen.

I am using SqueezeCenter 7.2.1, and for my usage pattern it's pretty much perfect as it is. I have a library made almost entirely of FLAC files, ripped from my own CD collection, augmented by a few MP3s purchased from Amazon. I either use the supplied IR remote or Dr. Lovegrove's Moose to select music for a listening session.

One SB3 is attached to my main stereo rig via a Benchmark DAC1. The other SB3 is on my night stand connected via a small Project headphone amp to a pair of Sennheiser HD600 cans. Even without an external DAC, the bedroom setup delivers surprisingly good sound quality.

I don't have unlimited money to spend on sound reproduction, but these SB players have handsomely repaid my modest investment.


2008-12-01, 20:37
Aw! Sharing the love!
I too have love to give!
I have one SqueezeBox in my loungeroom hooked up to my Sony HiFi, and one in the bedroom hooked up to a pair of Edirol MA-15D Speakers, which I use as my alarm clock.
They have changed my life.
I moved state at the beginning of the year, and left all my CDs with my Mum. I only took with me my digital collection. Having the squeezebox has finally enabled me to have music accessible throughout the house, and I can now fall asleep/wake up to music in the bedroom.
I am totally in love with my Squeezebox.
I posted this haiku on Jaiku a little while ago:
An ode to Squeezebox / Music streamed throughout the house / Makes Simon happy.

2008-12-03, 03:10
Yes all my CD's are boxed up and I only use my SB3 or Classic as it's now known. It feeds my Yamaha 1800 and does a great job. I love not having to handle a cd and break the stupid cases anymore. The sound is great and I also listen to my xm radio thru it. Joy Joy Joy. :)

2008-12-03, 09:18
My wife has always had difficulty putting cd's, albums and well just about anything in any sort of order. (She gets bored of that kind of thing very quickly.)

This used to cause some strife as I like things sorted and ordered - easy to find what you want quickly.

Then a couple years ago I got an SB2 for Christmas. It was followed last year by an SB3. Now there is nothing but happiness.

Time to dig out the Christmas music? Go to her music folder and create a shortcut to the Christmas directory on the NAS, a quick rescan from SqueezeCenter, and presto - happy wife.

When I want to listen to anything I can find it in a flash from nice neat organized alphabetical lists of albums, or play lists, or genres, or artists, or years, or whatever.

The CD's have been relegated to the spare room. All that's left to digitize is my old vinyl and vhs tapes after Santa comes.

Now all I need is a Video Squeezebox should one come along.....

2008-12-03, 13:35
I too am loving my Squeezeboxen. Sure there have been frustrating times, but overall the experience has been loverly. Congrats to the SD team, and to all the independent open-source developers! You guys(and gals) rock!

2008-12-03, 14:46
I too am loving my Squeezeboxen. Sure there have been frustrating times, but overall the experience has been loverly. Congrats to the SD team, and to all the independent open-source developers! You guys(and gals) rock!
I like this thread - its so true that you normally only hear from those who have "Problems" or what ever, were as all us happy Squeezebox users just get on and use it, but do not post any messages here as we have NO PROBLEMS.
So lets say thanks to all the Squeezebox Team & Developers who are taking us forward with new versions the whole time - and to those members of this forum who constantly give our advise to the newbees.
Anyone would think Xmas is coming..............Cheers

2008-12-03, 18:58
I have to concur with the sentiments expressed here, and add some of my own. By way of background, I suspect that I am one of the more mature (chronologically anyway) members of this forum, because when I first became interesetd in "hi fi" it was actually called hi fi!
Obviously one major leap with respect to listening to music through these devices is the accessibility of the material. These old eyes are not as good at reading the CD spines anymore, and finding and replacing cd's on the shelf was really a chore. The result was that a few favorites got put in the changer, and that was it for a few months. Now, like everyone on here, I have play lists of several hundred songs, new, old, and from every genre.
The real improvement for me,though, is the SOUND. My wife and I have a music collection going back to the British Invasion, and before that if you throw in the jazz, and everything sounds like it was recorded last Tuesday.I hear instrumentation that I never knew was there on songs I've listened to thousands of times, and it has given me a whole new appreciation for the harmonics and production work on these albums (What DO you call an album these days?. Listening to music is more fun then ever, and as result,the music is always playing in our house,and that's the whole point,right?
My personal experience with set up and operation of the SB3 and the Duet devices has been pretty much glitch free,and any issues or questions I've had have been resolved by reading these forums.
Please keep up the good work,and happy holidays to all.

2008-12-04, 01:54
Love it, can't do without it. I have 2 SB3's and cannot remember the last time I pulled out a CD. I ave never really had any issues with the software and scanning and ripping and any other stuff. It just plays music and internet radio and does a fantastic job. In random mode I ave heard some songs that I have not listened to in years and some songs I did not even know I had.

Well done, great work.

Need to buy more.