View Full Version : Poor Network Performance w/ dd-wrt

the reverend maynard
2008-11-30, 18:24
Hi Folks.

I have a duet setup, with 3 receivers and 1 controller. I am running a linksys wrt54 series wireless router, running v 24 of dd-wrt sp1

I just upgraded and was having issues with music pausing/skipping and poor responsiveness from the duet controller.

When I tested the wireless, i had decent connections, with 40-50% signal quality. However, testing the network connection via the duet i noticed bad throughput.

After some troubleshooting with the network test - i realized that my issue was the fact that i had my antennas set to auto (vs setting the left antenna to transmit, right to receive or whatever)

Once I set the antennas, my network tests were 100%, even with mediocre signal strength.

Just wanted to pass this along - as this totally solved my pausing/skipping/responsiveness issues...