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rocket j squirrel
2008-11-30, 17:40
(copied from General Discussion - this seems the more appropriate forum)

I recently moved to a new house, set up new wireless routers, finally unpacked my SB2 and reset it so it could connect to the network. It needed a firmware update, which I installed, and I installed SC.

SN was initially unable to see the SB, but I plugged in the SB2's PIN into SN* and it found the SB and my favorites, etc. Works fine, I can operate the SB through SN.

SC cannot find the player, though. I have the SC service running. SC reports "Your player was not found." I've tried disabling the firewall, no change.

So: SN can see the player and SC cannot -- what do I need to do so SC sees the player?

WinXP, SC v 7.2.1.

* Don't know why this step was needed, neither the SS computer nor the SB were changed.

2008-12-01, 14:31
You mentioned some new networking equipment has been added to the mix, but nothing about configuration.
Your SB is connected to the network and the internet or else there would be no SN.

Look at your addresses. DHCP or hard addressing, on the SC pc? on the SB? the router?
Is everybody on the same subnet? (like 192.168.8.XXX)
Can you go to start, run, type in cmd and enter and ping the Squeezebox address from the pc?
A successful ping means the two should talk to each other - unsuccessful means there is a problem between the two. Or another problem.

Try wiring the two and see if that works.

FWIW: I never had a stable connection as long as both pc and SB were on the wireless network. I don't have any wireless noise either (not after I got rid of my Panasonic Gigrange phone.) that would cause problems but I found when the two became disconnected I had a heck of a time getting them to connect.

rocket j squirrel
2008-12-01, 14:48
Thank you, Fred.

I can ping the player from the computer.

The player and the computer are both DHCP. My computer will tell me its subnet address using ipconfig. How can I ask the player?

What might be my next step? The run is a little long for a wire, and that would not look very attractive here in the living room anyway, so I'd like to solve this wirelessly.

I'm surprised that SC doesn't have any place for me to enter the player's IP address or PIN.

2008-12-02, 07:50
You can tell the subnet will be the same if you are using dhcp. The player and the software find each other with a special packet the player sends. (I am going from memory here) When the software sees the packet it responds and the two are connected.

Wiring the pc to the Squeezebox for testing is an essential step as wireless will not work for all people all the time, if you search the forum you will find that there are alternative to running a wire between the two.

I would have a read here:

The wiki contains more info than I could type in a week and it sounds to me as if you have a port blocked or something on the pc end or that your wireless is stripping the packets and not sending them or that you may possibly have two things on your network named the same.

Just remember - troubleshooting starts at the beginning. Work through it from the beginning to the end - one thing at a time.

If you still have a problem you can call Logitech support as well.

rocket j squirrel
2008-12-02, 09:33
Thank you, Fred.

The issue seems to be sorting itself out as I poke around. I wasn't aware (where is this information?) that I needed to go back to the SB's setup and under Setup Squeezebox (4 of 4): and select "Connect to [server name] (IP Address)".

Once done, SC finds the player. So connectivity seems to be happening.

However, my Favorites (streaming radio stations), which SN knows about, are missing in SC and in the player. Do I have to do something to import the favorites list into SC?