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2004-04-20, 03:14

I guess that info would be helpful...OS is Windows XP Pro, 1.6ghz workstation. I think it's only happening when I have the browser opened to the slimserver setup and am trying to control the music through the web interface vs. the softsqueeze interface. I'll do some more testing once I get 5.1.4 installed today.


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Could you upgrade to the 5.1.4 server and see if you still have a problem.
It would help to know what OS you are using, and your processor speed.


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> I am trying out softsqueeze - very cool.
> I have the slimserver (5.1.3 downloaded about 4 hours ago) running on the
same box as Softsqueeze. About once every thirty seconds, there is some
pretty horrible intermittent cutout that lasts for about 5 seconds. It only
happens when I have the slimserver interface up and it is refreshing the
browser windows. If I don't have the slimserver interface up, I have no
problems. Is there anyway to prevent the browser from constantly
refreshing? I could just not have the browser up...
> Also, in the player settings, the Player Firmware Version is 10. Is this
> Paul