View Full Version : AW: Softsqueeze v0.4

2004-04-20, 03:04
> The overall size is good; the buttons are small, but good; the button
graphics are legible. It's the labels. I think a greater contrast between
the background and the labels would be good, and a greater contrast
between the greyed label and the active label. The labels below the number
keys on the "remote" are hard to read, for example.

OK, I'll look at changing the contrast for the next release
> > The LCD skin was designed to look good on a laptop screen. I
> > imagine it must be tiny at your resolution. Would you like to
> > see a larger version of that too?
> It may be small, but it's extremely legible. Unfortunately, it's also
extremely ugly :-)

Ha, I agree with you on that :) It was never meant to be pretty. It was
purely an exercise in seeing how small and minimalist a skin I could make
that would still be usable.