View Full Version : SC Setup Assistant: cannot see network drive

2008-11-30, 07:08

I've just upgraded to SqueezeCenter 7.2.1, after having previously used SlimServer 6.5.4, and cannot set it up using the Setup Assistant.

When it comes to specifying the location my music folder, the screen does not display the locally mapped network drive (X:) containing my music folders - only local drives C and D are displayed. I checked that I can reach the network drive through "My Computer".

I filled in the preceding pages as follows:
- Squeeze Network Account: Filled in account fields, selected "Do not report statistics"
- Music Source: checked the box "Use local music"

As I mentioned, on the Local Music Folder page the locally mapped drive X: is not displayed. When I type in either "X:\" or "\\<address of network drive>\music" and click on "next", nothing happens.

Can anyone help?


2008-11-30, 07:10
Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm using Windows XP SP2, on an old Dell C640 laptop.
I've also configured SC to start as a service when the machine starts.

- Paul

2008-12-02, 13:59
Is it possible that the network drive has a user/password that's different from the one you specified to start the service?

I have had that hassle a lot since my music is on NAS.