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2008-11-29, 22:57
I have an SB3 and two Duets which, until recently, were all working fine (although I recall some challenges with the initial set up). After shutting down my wireless network for a week or so (to paint the house), I can no longer get my two SBRs to connect to my network, although the SB3 is fine. After trying everything I can think of over the last 24 hours, I am at my wit's end and I am in desperate need of help.

My setup is a little unusual, so I will try to describe it fully. My broadband connection is upstairs along with a wireless router (#1). My SB3 is directly downstairs and connects to #1's wireless network. The two SBRs are downstairs but are out of range of the wireless network #1. So, downstairs I have a second wireless router (#2) which has a wired connection to #1. Previously I had the SBRs connected to #2 and similarly two SBCs connected to #2 with which I was able to control both the SBRs and the SB3. The wired connection between #1 and #2 is LAN to LAN and to ensure that everything is on the same subnet and #2 has DHCP turned off, so anything connecting to #2's wireless network is assigned an IP address by router #1.

Previously this set-up worked fine, but now the SBCs are able to connect to the wireless network without any problem (and control the SB3), but I cannot get the SBRs to connect.

I found the following instructions in another post and tried following them:

Power off the Receiver and leave it off.
Make sure your SB3 is connected to SqueezeCenter and that it has a name.
Using the IR remote, verify that the SB3 is able to play music from the server.
Perform a factory reset on the Controller (hold the + key while cycling the power--I usually remove the battery--and keep it held down until the Logitech logo appears).
Follow the steps to set up the Controller, making sure you're connecting to the right network (I know this sounds silly, but you can have an issue if you are using a default SSID.)
Skip the Setup Receiver step
If your server is listed on the Music Source screen, select it now. If it's not, then the Controller and server aren't on speaking terms. Do not select SN... contact Technical Support and have them help you.
At this point, you should have control of the SB3 using the Controller... if not, then even though the server was listed, there's something preventing the server and Controller from speaking. At that point, I'm out of ideas and you'll really need to elevate this to our Technical Support team.
Assuming you could control the SB3, power up the SBR. Perform a factory reset by holding down the button for 6 seconds.
On the Controller, go to Settings > Advanced > Set up Receiver and select your Receiver. After it completes the setup, and the button is a dimly lit white color, you should have control of both the SB3 and the SBR. If not, call Technical Support.

When attempting this, the following occurs: after the factory reset, there is no "Set up Receiver" option under Settings > Advanced. However, if I power-cycle the SBC then I see a "Choose Player Option" which includes both the SB3 and a "Squeezebox 163...". If I select the latter a screen appears saying "Connecting to blah" (where blah is name of the SSID of router #2, the one the SBC was connected to). While this is happening, the light on the SBR stops flashing and changes to solid red, followed by yellow, green (for some time) and then blue. Shortly afterwards, the SBC says "Problem connecting" and gives the choices "Try again" or "Skip this step". If I try again, I am taken back to the "Choose player" options. If I connect to the SB3 there is no problem, but if I try connecting to the SBR there is again an extended wait "Connecting to blah" (this time with solid blue on the SBR) and eventually I am thrown back to the "Problem Connecting" screen.

I have tried this with both of the SBRs (and I have done this with only one SBC and one SBR powered up at a time) and with both SBCs. The result is always the same. The SBRs would appear never to connect to the network: not only do they never appear in the web UI drop-down list, but they never appear as attached devices on my router admin pages. Note that wireless network #2 seems to work ok as I am able to connect to it with a notebook and surf the web.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. My next plan is to have an SBC connect to wireless network #1 and move one of the SBRs into range and try that. Although, even if that works, I don't know how I will get it to connect back to #2.

2008-11-29, 23:24
Well, as I indicated, I tried connecting an SBR directly to #1. The setup worked. I then moved it back to its original position and it still worked! The setup must copy across connection info for all the wireless networks that the SBC knows about and then it connects to the best signal. So, I repeated the process for the other SBR and now everything works again. I'm still mystified as to why the setup process didn't work via #2, but at least I'm working. Also, when I did successfully set up the SBRs, it was still the case that after a reset "Set up Receiver" never appeared in the Advanced Settings and I had to power-cycle the SBC and then find the SBR under "Choose player" to do the setup.

2008-11-30, 01:51
Well, it seems that I spoke too soon. One of the SBRs started stuttering a fair bit and I checked the wireless signal strength and it was below 30 despite the fact that the router #2 was only a couple of metres away. With my double router, single subnet setup I was not sure how to easily determine which router the SBRs were connected to, but I was starting to suspect that although the SBC was unable to detect any signal from router #1 downstairs that the SBRs had better antennas and were picking up a weak signal from #1. The only way I could think of testing this was to turn off the wireless radio on #1. Since router #2 was wired to #1, this would ideally disconnect the SB3 (which was connected to wireless network #1) but leave the SBRs on the network. Unfortunately, when I switched off the wireless radio, the SB3 and both SBRs dropped off the network. So, this means I have not yet managed to get back to the initial state I was in a few weeks ago. Somehow I need to get the SBRs to connect to router #2 because at the moment their connection to the weak #1 signal is resulting in rather stuttery playback.

2008-11-30, 02:05
>Somehow I need to get the SBRs to connect to router #2<

Set different SSIDS on the access points and change the encryption keys
Implement MAC filtering on the access points

>So, downstairs I have a second wireless router (#2)<

You might be better with a dedicated wi-fi access point.

2008-11-30, 02:44
@amcluesent: thanks for the suggestions. I'll, but I am now back to suspecting that the SBC only sets the SBR up with the details of the wireless network that the SBC is connected to at the time. Certainly, once the SBRs were dropped of network #1 they did not gracefully fall back to network #2. Also, since I did a factory reset of both the SBC and the SBR, I had to re-enter my WPA key, so I don't know whether changing the password will help. Still, I can only try!

2008-11-30, 08:40
I also run two access points - but as a single wireless network. They have the same ssid and security settings - although different channels.

The only issue I have with this is that since the controller doesn't know how to roam, you need to make sure it is talking to the right AP. You can get it to connect to the strong/close one by going through the wireless network page in advanced settings.

I've found that after messing with my network (i changed security) I had to factory reset both the controller and the receiver to get things working again.

2008-11-30, 12:42
I have no problem getting the controller to connect to the strong access point (using, as you say, Settings > Advanced > Wireless Networks). The problem is getting the receivers to connect to the strong network. That process, even after factory resets of controller and receiver consistently fails (I've done the resets about a dozen times or more). I am guessing (and someone else may be able to confirm/deny), that the receiver will connect to whichever network the controller is connected to at the time. When I connect a controller to the weak network, the factory reset process works (but the receivers are connected to the weak network), when the controller is connected to the strong network the connection process for the receiver fails.