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Auer, Karl James
2004-04-20, 02:06
Hi Graham.

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> Im Auftrag von Graham Scott
> Noted. I didn't have a res. greater than 1280x960 when I made
> the Large skin. I'll look at addressing this for the next
> release. What would help - larger buttons, a bigger difference
> in the colour change between the two states, or a combination
> of both?

The overall size is good; the buttons are small, but good; the button graphics are legible. It's the labels. I think a greater contrast between the background and the labels would be good, and a greater contrast between the greyed label and the active label. The labels below the number keys on the "remote" are hard to read, for example.

> The LCD skin was designed to look good on a laptop screen. I
> imagine it must be tiny at your resolution. Would you like to
> see a larger version of that too?

It may be small, but it's extremely legible. Unfortunately, it's also extremely ugly :-)

Regards, K.

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