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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-04-20, 00:41
Or you can start with the commandline option:
java -Dserver= -Dfirmware=0 -jar SoftSqueeze.jar
Meaning firmware is 0 and the server is on

This works for 5.1.3.



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Try setting SoftSqueeze to be on version 5.1.2. This reports Firmware 0
and therefore works works for anything recent.

I suspect there's a buglet in the 5.1.3 setting. I guess this should
probably have been left as 5.1.2 or later.

Dan Foxley wrote:
> Do I have to wait fo the next release of softsqueeze to get it to play
> with 5.1.4? The ss doesn't have an option for 5.1.4 and ss gets won't

> get past "hold down brightness"
> dan
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