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2008-11-28, 14:45

I am just dipping my toe in the world quality audio. I bought and setup a squeezebox duet. I have limited hard drive space for my 400 plus cd collection so I ripped using WMA variable bit rate at the highest quality, with the idea of updating to lossless in a year or so.

The sound is good, not great, but the convenience of the duet has definitely spurred me to listen more to my music.

My next step is to purchase speakers (thinking Dali Ikons), but to do that I need to replace my receiver.

I bought a Denon 2808ci today ($700). Now getting to my question...

Would anyone have a suggestion on how to setup my squeezebox receiver to the Denon. What would be the best connector to use, should I try to connect via the "ipod" setting which uses a processes that cleans up compressed music? I read the manual and quickly got lost. On my current reciever I just plugged it into the "cd" section using standard audio connectors (red/white). This denon is far more complicated than that though.

Thanks ahead of time for your help. Also if this belongs in a different forum please let me know.

Editing to expand the question: should I use optical or coaxial S/PDIF cables. I know I want to upgrade from the RCA cables (is that a correct assumption).

2008-12-03, 10:45
Gratulations for a what it sounds like up grade of amplification. I dont know if this helps and I dont know the Denon machine but I suppose you have to trust your ears and compare the two (?) different input alternatives.
Generally there are two ways of connecting a squeeze to your amplifier; straight with the phono connectors to an input (CD, Tuner or whatever), or digitally to an external Digital to Analog Converter (a DAC) and then to one of the inputs. The later option is a common upgrade. Some amplifiers now have internal DACs of good quality, perhaps yours do, and then you can try to connect the digital output from the squeeze to that input.