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2008-11-28, 11:28

I'm giving serious thought to getting one of these for the lounge, to support (hopefully) a transporter.

However before I splash the cash, can anyone tell me from experience if there are things that a wifi pda with appropriate skin can do that the SB remote won't? or anything it does better?



2008-11-28, 14:34
...look into an 8GB iTouch and the iPeng native app! I've gone through a Nokia 770 then a Logitech controller and the performance along with the touch screen usability on the itouch/iPeng combination is hard to beat.

Touch Screen > iTouch
Battery life > iTouch
Extra charging cradles (which users have been asking for)> iTouch

No audio streaming from Squeeze Center... yet

I've also used an older NEC PDA running Pocket PC 2000, and a Sony PSP...

Howard Passman
2008-11-28, 17:14
...Extra charging cradles (which users have been asking for)> iTouch

So far the only repsonse I've gotten about extra cradles is, "We'd like to have them available."

Wouldn't a seperate supplier be better than not being able to have them for your customer? I'ts the one thing about Logitech and the DUET that peeves me off.


2009-04-28, 16:21
Hi there,

Maybe you would like to check out my approach to remote controlling SqueezeBoxes with a PDA.

SlimControl is a PDA-based remote control for Logitech's Squeeze network.

Testers are very welcome.