View Full Version : Selecting music and creating playlists on Classic

2008-11-28, 07:38

I watched some video demos on this, but they were not very informative.

I'm heavily considering a Classic, but the one thing holding me up is the question of whether a Classic will be a step backwards in terms of ease of music selection and playlist creation vs. my current set-up.

Currently, I use Foobar and send spdif over coax from my PC to my DAC. With this set-up, I'm able to scroll through hundreds of albums and set up a playlist on-the-fly as fast as I can drag and drop. Because so much info is visible on the PC monitor, this is a super quick and convenient process.

What's scrolling and playlist creation like on the Classic? From what I've seen, you can only view one album at a time, so it seems like scrolling through a large library to create a playlist would be much more time consuming. Is this accurate?

I guess I could use Foobar to create a playlist, save it to where SqueezeCenter is pointed, then select that playlist with the Classic's remote. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for any input.