View Full Version : Custom front for SB - how will it affect the IR?

David Cullen
2004-04-19, 23:24
Thanks alex - I'll give it a go.

Anyone else done anything similar?

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On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 14:23 +0100, David Cullen wrote:

> Mounting the sb up against the back of a cutout with a clear screen (glass
> polycarbonate / ?) held in place by a metal frame on the front of the
> cabinet.

If it's clear, it shouldn't have any effect.

> I know that a few people have done stuff like custom cases/installs before
> but I was wonering whether sticking another piece of glass or something in
> front of the SB screen would affect the IR and/or anything else?

If you've got a digital camera with an LCD screen that can be used for
framing a shot, then you can test it. Turn on the camera and point the
remote at the lens. Look at the screen and press one of the buttons and
you should see the LED on the end of the remote twinkling. Now try with
your prospective custom front in front of the remote. If you can still
see it lighting up, it should work.