View Full Version : Any way to "wake" a hard drive early? WHS issue.

2008-11-28, 05:34
I run SC (7.2.1.) on a Windows Home Server box. It works a treat, but I have a small issue. I'm pretty sure it is a WHS issue rather than a SC one, but I'd be grateful for any thoughts.

I have the hard drives set to power down when not in use. They seem to to take quite a while to come to life again, so this means when using SC for the first time in a day/evening, I have to wait some time (maybe up to 30 seconds) after hitting play before any music starts. It looks like SC is just "hanging" for this period, though it is obviously just waiting for a response from the drive.

The thing is, I always spend at least that 30 seconds navigating through the menus deciding what to play. What would be really great would be if, at the time the user first does anything in the menu, some sort of wake-up was sent to the drive. I guess that would need to be some sort of asynchronous read to an actual music file.

Any ideas on a way to improve the waiting time?

(Edit - seems like a similar issue: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=364467)