View Full Version : Slow re-scan on Leopard 10.5.5 with external USB2 FAT32 hdd drive?

2008-11-27, 23:14

I just upgraded my Mac Mini from Tiger 10.4.11 to Leopard 10.5.5.

I run my music library off a 400GB freecom external USB2 HDD, and on Tiger it would scan the ~6000 FLAC tracks in about 5 minutes. Now it takes an hour. At first I thought it was the USB2/USB1 problems that some people have reported in Leopard, but I tried simply transferring some files from the external to the Mini hdd and 20GB transferred in 15 mins which is about right. I tried changing the music library to those files on the Mini hdd and they scanned at the speed I would expect.

This makes me think that Leopard is the problem, but only when scanning my music library on the external USB2 drive.

Anyone else had similar symptoms? Would changing FAT32 to HFS+ help? Would a firewire drive definitely be quicker?

Thanks in advance,

2008-11-28, 17:38
OK, sorted it.

I scraped together every bit of space on my 3 computers so I could copy the 200GB of data from the external USB2 drive to various internal drives, the reformatted the USB2 drive with the GUID partition structure and HFS+ format (Mac OS Extended (Journalled)).

I'm back to 5 minute scans again, and I can use MacDrive if I need to read the data on a PC.