View Full Version : Applet Uninstaller?

2008-11-27, 15:44
I installed the RetroBrowser applet onto my Duet Controller to see what it does and soon realised I don't have a use for it. Is there a way of getting rid of it without having to do a factory reset? I assume a factory reset will remove all installed applets?


2008-11-28, 03:40
I'm afraid not at present. This is something which needs adding. For the moment to remove you need to do a factory reset.

2008-11-28, 03:59
Thanks for the prompt response. Not a big problem but, like you say, it is something that should be there. Do you know if the team are working on it?

2008-11-28, 04:18
I'm next to certain the Logitech team aren't working on it as the installer is my stuff - I've got it on a list of things to do though so hopefully it will make it into a release soon after 7.3. You may want to raise a bug to remind me and Logitech this is needed...

2008-11-28, 07:02
Thanks, I'll do just that.