View Full Version : several users on same pc causing connection problems

2008-11-27, 09:28
I am constantly having to reconnect my duet. Having a family pc others are logging on under different user accounts this seems to cause issues with my duet being found. I am using two libraries, one from my laptop one from the family pc and they both work fine when running off my account. If anyone else logs in and out it seems to cause connection problems, on each of the users the squeezecentre is set to run automatically at log in. I think the duet is great but is becoming so inconsistent I am becoming disheartened

2008-11-27, 10:54
Have you tried setting it to run as a Service instead of waiting for someone to log on?

2008-11-27, 23:12
Running SC as a service is made for your user case.


It is in the nature of it that if you are switching users, that the SC running with the current user would stop, and a new instance of SC would start with the next user.
When everybody is logged of there's no SC and no music.

Do the different users even have the same settings ? for SC

2008-11-27, 23:20
If your PC connects wirelessly this might also pose a problem when switching users, even if you run it as a service.