View Full Version : Is there a way? Playlist Musicip Spicefly

2008-11-26, 10:21
Would like to be able to set a playlist and use Musicip to make the mix from only the songs in the playlist. This would be something like rock as the playlist containing all songs with genre rock. Select one song to play from the list and Musicip/Spicefly use that one song as seed for the next but only use songs from the playlist.
Right now when I go to a Playlist and select one song I get a mix from my whole library.
Is there a way and if so how do I do it?

2008-11-26, 10:38
You need to set up a filter in MusicIP (you have to do this in the GUI), then set that as your filter to use for MIP mixes in Squeezecenter MIP settings and Spicefly settings. In Spicefly, you have to choose the filter for each hour of the day.

2008-11-26, 11:51
Thanks Sue. Might work but not as user friendly as I had hoped.

Was really hoping that things could be changed via the controller. From what you say it would stay in effect until I return to the computer and change the settings or hourly change.

Shame it doesn't just show the filters on the controller and allow choice from there but really can't complain after the developers put in so much time and effort.
Thanks again.