View Full Version : Incompatibility with Tiscali UK broadband router?

2008-11-25, 09:12
Hi all, no tar and feathers if silly question, but really can't find answer myself...
I have been forced to move from Homechoice to Tiscali UK a few months back and since then my squeezebox doesn't accept to connect anymore.
When setting up the squeezebox, it's finding the correct wireless network, but then gives me the option of WEP64 with a 10 position key, or WEP128 with a 26 position key.... the speedtouch provided by tiscali UK is set with a key in 12 positions that I can't overwrite in the squeezebox... hence no more music...
Any idea, tip, common and previous experience? thanks in advance. Olivier

2008-11-27, 03:33
Are you absolutely sure that the speedtouch has a 12 character, and not a 13 character, key?

13 byte key is standard for WEP128. In the Squeezebox you have to enter this as the hexadecimal ASCII codes - for instance ABCDE would be entered as 41:42:43:44:45.