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2008-11-25, 08:50
I still run SlimServer 6.5.4. It is really fast and stable and the Softsqueeze applet works. At my office, the softsqueeze doesn't work unless i run it as an applet. Also, I have the album sort by year patch installed and working fine. My friend runs Squeezecenter 7.2 and it is not only very slow to load, but the album sort by year is still not implemented. Also, the run softsqueeze as an applet doesn't work. It opens the window with the Java logo with a progress bar showing it loading, then when it loads, nothing happens. I click in the window and it is just a red X. So I have absolutely no desire to upgrade, however I really want a Sqeezebox Boom and I know 7.2 is needed for that. Is the applet problem with Squeezecenter a known problem and is it likely to be fixed soon? Thanks.

2008-11-26, 05:17
if i were you, i'd wait a week or whateever it is and try 7.3 when it comes out.

i sort my albums by year in home > albums.

softsqueeze is being retired. now it will be squeezeplay i think, which u can DL separately.

2008-11-26, 09:30
I have tried installing Squeezeplay but can't get it to work. For one, it asks for an ip address and doesn't give an option of a name. I use DynDNS so my ip changes. Also, it doesn't connect anyway. I don't really understand all of the software changes. Everything used to work fine and it was simple. Now it is complicated and nothing works well. I guess that is progress.

2008-11-26, 09:31
what ver of SC did u try it with?

2008-11-26, 09:39
7.2 does squeezeplay not work with older software? Also, what ports does it need open?

Also, the album sorting by year I am talking about is actually on the squeezebox itself. Not in the Squeezecenter web interface.

2008-11-27, 07:54
i would prob try the newest nightly of 7.3 and squeezeplay. its almost release ready anyways.

as to sorting on the SB itself, i have no idea. i'd be surprised if you couldn't do it at all tho.

2008-11-27, 08:39
I don't think you can do it. This "bug" has been around since 2004. Someone did the code for 6.5.4 and I downloaded this and made the changes in the perl files and started running perl on my Windows machine instead of the .exe so I could have this function. Then they updated it for 7.x. But it never gets put in the code. The Target milestone keeps changing. A couple of weeks back it was 7.4. Now it is 8.0. So I don't think it will ever happen. IMO I would rather have this in the code than the big change to Squeezecenter.