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2008-11-25, 08:14
Sorry for asking something so basic, but I did a couple searches and couldn't really find a straight answer to what I'm asking...

I just got a brand new Squeezebox Duet, and have it connected to my Onkyo surround sound receiver through the analog out on the Squeezebox. I simply used the stereo RCA cable included with the Duet.

I set my receiver to what is usually considered "reference level" (ie. the volume I usually set it to for DVD movies and most TV viewing). I have the duet remote's volume usually set to about 75%. I like the fact that I can raise and lower the voume from the Squeezebox remote and not mess with juggling a second remote. Is there any downside to this at all? Should I be using one of the digital outs on the Squeezebox instead?

I'm actually really happy with the sound quality I'm already getting...it's so nice to hear all my music (over 2000 mp3s) through my nice Paradigm speakers, instead of my little computer desktop ones!

2008-11-25, 08:35
Depending on how your Onkyo works:

A working analog passthru is good to have if you want to use analog outs on your Squezeebox.

Not all HT recievers has analog passthru so in many cases anolog inputs gets digitized anyway so the digital out is best option for sources that have it.

Even if your reciever has passtrough , this is not used if you want to use the subwoofer filter or any dsp program in the reciever like Eq room compensation etc.

So safest option is to set the Squezzebox to fixed 100% volume and use the digital ouitput to the digital input on the Onkyo, and adjust volume in the Onkyo.

NB the volume in your Squezeebox is digital so it aplies even to the digital output, but it operates from 24bits and down so it's realy good. So you can use the SB's volume even if you are using a digital input, but I would avoid that if i'm going to aply further processing in the HT reciever, but you can use it if you want to.

2008-11-25, 08:42
Good point, if I understand what you're saying fully. I am not sure if the analog input on the Onkyo is a pass through or not. I suspect like many HT receivers, there is some analog-digital-analog conversion going on somewhere. Probably more likely than keeping the signal all analog coming from the Squeezebox.

I'll probably go out and buy an extra digital coax cable this afternoon (I could use an extra one anyway) and give that a shot.

2008-11-25, 09:09
OK...just as a follow up, I realized I had an extra optical cable laying around...so I hooked that up to the Squeezebox.

Sounds good, but the volume is MUCH louder than the analog outs. Is that normal? I did set the volume to 100% on the Duet remote. Just as comparison, where I had my volume set to near "60" on my receiver, I now have it on "40" with the digital signal coming in, and am getting comparable volume.

Also, my receiver is set on PCM stereo. Is that what I want with the optical in? (FWIW, I like listening to my music in regular stereo mode rather than surround). Thanks again.

2008-11-25, 10:21
BTW, if you want to lock your Squeezebox at a certain volume level (and juggle two remotes to change the volume), you might look at my VolumeLock plugin. VolumeLock also lets you set a maximum volume if you want to use the Controller and keep the Receiver output from getting too loud.

Personally I like to use VolumeLock on any system in which the Squeezebox is not the only source -- I don't want someone adjusting the hifi's volume control to sound good w/ the Squeezebox at volume 15 of 100 and then switch to the tuner source and find that the hifi is suddenly way too loud.

2008-11-25, 11:00
It can be perfectly normal that the analog in is not so loud.

If I may speculate a bit:

Onkyo may have made it so to fit a wide variety of analog sources so that the input is very unlikely to clip or be overloaded, some things may be louder than a duet.
some HT amps has adjustable analog inputs to compensate this.
other HT amps can have adjustable volume per source on the digital side,
so you can fiddle in relative differences that way.

mp3 files can have replay gain and similar adjustments.

Again try a movie it probably is quieter until the action starts, sources with wide dynamics is not so loud on average.

Theres difference among records some are louder than others, new music is always very loud older recordings still have natural variations.

So different volume not a problem if it's sound's ok.

You can always use the digital volume in the duet, if your not the somewhat paranoid audiophile type like me, as you are using pure PCM i don't see a real problem there, if your sources are mp3's probably from CD's who is 16 bit and don,t have any 24bit files at all, reducing the volume a little bit in the digital domain is not going to hurt the sound quality.