View Full Version : Using a squeezebox with a network extender/access point?

2008-11-25, 05:21
Hi all, I want to put a SB3 in an area of my place where the network is a little weak (its far away and through a few walls), I have a Belkin N router as my main router which Is only new and I intend to keep (as its doing a good job), however was thinking of getting a wifi network extender / access point and to put this on the near side of the room where I want to situate my SB3, one such as this... http://www.microdirect.co.uk/(14179)Belkin-54MB-Wireless-Range-Extender-and-Access.aspx , this would do is boost my network in that room.

Now my question is, will this work ok with a SB? In theory it all sounds good, but any advice please let me know.

many thanks in advance guys

Mark Lanctot
2008-11-25, 07:46
It should work, many here do use something like that.

Note that the SB doesn't "roam", it won't automatically connect to the strongest signal. Since I have never used a range extender, I'm not sure of the details - but you have to make sure it connects to the range extender and not the original router. There has to be some way to distinguish between the two.

Also range extenders do not increase bandwidth, they increase signal strength. If there's not enough bandwidth reaching the range extender you may get good signal strength but low speed. However range extenders tend to have good antennas so they can pull in a signal better than an SB and maximize the bandwidth available at their location.

2008-11-25, 08:54
I use this setup, with two Airport Extremes.

To prevent the SB connecting to the wrong station, I set one of them to only accept connections from specified MAC addresses. There are probably other ways of getting the same effect.