View Full Version : SqueezeCenter always seems to be scanning

2008-11-24, 05:19
Every time I log in to the web interface SqueezeCenter appears to be scanning. It's as if it does it every hour or so, but because my collection is large (53,000 music files), it can almost an hour to find new and updated even when there are no new and updated.

I have enabled the MusicIP plugin, but I have explicitly disabled the "Rescan Music Library" plugin.

I can't see what is causing it to rescan, and I don't want it to.

I batch together my music library updates and then want to rescan manually, never automatically.

How do I set it so that SqueezeCenter never rescans automatically?

2008-11-24, 05:42
Try changing the MusicIP Reload Interval from 3600 to 0. This will very probably stop the scanning behaviour you are seeing, but you will need to do a manual rescan to pick up changes in your MusicIP library.

2008-11-24, 06:39
I just checked, and I'd set it to 86400.

I've just changed it to 0 and aborted the scan that had just started.

Should I be restarting the server, or will it just take effect?