View Full Version : SB2 - entering password w/ remote?

rocket j squirrel
2008-11-23, 21:38
We just moved to a new house, and new wireless routers have been installed. The SB2 finds the new router fine, but when it comes to entering the password key with the remote, I'm stumped. Pressing the 0-9 keys doesn't result in any response on the SB's display, and even if they did, how can I access letters? What about uppercase letters? The manual at http://www.slimdevices.com/documentation/Squeezebox2-Owners-Guide.pdf skips right over this detail.

Need Dummy's Guide to entering WPA passwords with remote.

2008-11-23, 21:59
New routers? As in, more than one router?

Is your new house in Frostbite Falls, by any chance?

rocket j squirrel
2008-11-24, 05:57
Nope, Bend, Oregon. MN too far away.

Yes, house has two new routers, SB2 has found the one one that covers the upstairs. How do I enter alpha(plus uppercase)numeric passwords using remote?

2008-11-24, 06:45
You use the numeric keys, pressing multiple times to access the upper and lower case letters written below each key. Symbols are on 1. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working - you do have the "enter password" prompt on the display, right? Did you try changing the batteries?

2008-11-24, 08:15
Be sure the batteries are fresh. If that doesn't work re-set the SB to default settings by unplugging it then holding the ADD button while it powers up.

rocket j squirrel
2008-11-29, 09:18
Thank you. Yes, batteries in remote are fresh, SB2 responds to keypresses to set up networking just fine. I can scroll and select the desired wireless router. It's when I get to the Password screen, which presently shows a series of ********, that the remote doesn't appear to do a darn thing. Pressing number buttons accomplishes nothing, though arrow buttons allow me to go back to previous screen, or move on to next step, where the SB tries to log on to the selected router but can't because I've been unsuccessful at entering the new password.

Should the Enter Password screen show the results of button presses on remote, e.g., if I press 1234 then "1234" should display on that screen during the entry process. 'Cause I can't get it to do anything but show the "*******"

2008-11-29, 10:41
That suggests to me that it is showing that a password is already stored. Did you try restoring to factory defaults?

2008-11-29, 10:45
Yes, sounds like you're using a key type which is fixed length and it's already filled in. You can clear it with a factory reset (might be the surest way to wipe everything out) or pressing Play on the key entry screen acts as delete.

rocket j squirrel
2008-11-29, 12:00
Now we're talkin'! Thanks all. Factory reset let me enter the new router password, the SB connected and obtained IP address from DHCP server, no problem.

Then it asked for the IP address for my SqueezeCenter. Not sure what that is. I entered the IP address of the computer which has my SlimServer on it, but the SB2 sat there for a bit then went dark.

Powered the SB2 back up and it hung at "Connecting to SlimCenter"

Out of curiosity, I launched SS and it could not find the SB2.

So ... what's my next step?

rocket j squirrel
2008-11-29, 12:26
Never mind -- I got it sorted. Looks like I needed to uninstall SS and install SC, then launch SC, and it found the SB2, determined that it needed new firmware, which I followed the prompt to install, and everything is now working peachy.

Many thanks to all who helped me overcome the initial password problem. If this group was not here, does there exist documentation on slimdevices.com that would have gotten me over that hump?