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2004-04-19, 13:06
These changes are unbelievable!!! Thanks! It's more than I ever wanted!


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> Subject: [slim] SHOUTcast browser plugin
> I have just joined the "discuss" list, so in response to some
> previous comments about the plugin:
> * The order of genres is not random, but by default is ordered by how
> many streams per genre. This is configurable, and with an updated
> version available from:
> http://www.dur.ac.uk/p.j.heslin/amusements/shoutcast/Shoutcast
you can configure this via the web interface.

* The new version is alphabetically ordered by default, which should
be less confusing, but the old behavior is of course configurable.

* The lists of streams and genres are not meant to be navigated by
letter, but by number. Perhaps a to-do item.

* The new version has configurable minima and maxima for bitrates.