View Full Version : SB3 owners: Weird Logfile Entries (Errors) in SC Log...?

2008-11-23, 11:11
I had been observing issues with erratic SC performance, and no issues where apparent whatsoever. One weird thing is the following, persistent entry in the logfile, which happens every 20-something minutes...

" .. [08-11-23 09:20:28.9819] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::PrefSync::_syncD own_error (359) Sync Down failed: No such player: 00:04:20:07:80:98, will retry in 1620 .."

The interesting thing is that this happens to be the only SB3 in operation in my house right now, the 2 Booms and the 1 Duet currently connected to my network do not report this. Have the new products introduced an odd incompatibility with the SB3? I did reinstall SC from scratch and reinstalled the latest FW on the SB3, just to see if these entries would go away. But they haven't. But at least overall system performance is now up to the former standard.

I am curious whether other SB3 owners in this forum see the same synch errors in their log files?