View Full Version : Can't see players in Squeezecenter

2008-11-23, 08:35
I've got three boxen and all are working and connected to my server - i can play music via the remotes. However, none are showing up in Squeezecenter - the players tab is blank.

I've just updated my install to the latest 7.2.1 release but it hasn't fixed it. I think this started when i changed the fixed IP address of my iMac (which i use to run the server). I set up each of the players again via the remote to cope with the 'new' server location but that is probably when they stopped showing up in the web interface.

So - running 7.2.1 on Mac OSX Leopard.


2008-11-23, 08:46
odd. i've installed my broken plugins - Alien BBC and MusicInfo.scr (why is this not yet part of the standard install? It's even used on the Boom publicity shots) - restarted and it's all back to normal.