View Full Version : Shoutcast plugin problem

Simon Turner
2004-04-19, 12:12
Another thing that's just struck me is that although I have updated to 5.1.3
I overlaid my older Slimserver installation without uninstalling it. This
might mean that I still have installed the (perl) files I got from the
Shoutcast plugin site plus the supporting files supplied by kdf (i.e. the
ones we used to get the Shoutcast plugin working before it came supplied
with the latest version of Slimserver).
If required I am quite happy to zip up my CPAN and plugins directories and
send them to anyone who wants them so they can see if this helps their
Shoutcast plugin function correctly on XP.

I've listened to Virgin for over half and hour now and the quality of the
signal was perfect.
I did notice that the "Now Playing" listing did not update though....

Simon Turner
Brighton UK