View Full Version : Boom not playing with SC 7.2.1

2008-11-22, 10:18
I received my Boom today and use it wired. The firmware was updated to 33. I am working with XP. SN is working ok.

But when using SC 7.2.1 my Boom is recognized, my musicfiles are scanned, on the PC I see the covers and when I play a title on the
PC the timecounter is running.

On the Boom I can also see this title in the Now playing screen, but the Boom is not playing. No sound and no VU meter activity.
When I stop playing the file on the Boom, the playing of the file in SC also stops.

I don't know if this is a Boom or SC 7.2.1 problem, so perhaps this is the wrong forum.

Any advice? Thanks from Holland

2008-11-25, 02:05
I also own a Noxon2audio. The supplied software with the Noxon is TwonkyVision.
That software caused the Boom not to play.

A Uninstall TwonkyMusic as system service did the job.

The Boom is playing good now.

Greetings from Holland