View Full Version : How to run squeezeos-post-reset.sh after factory reset?

2008-11-21, 11:52

I need duet controller to automatically run a shell script after upgrade or factory reset.

I read the wiki also search this forum.

squeezeos-post-reset.sh seems to be the way.

I write a following script and store it as
squeezeos-post-reset.sh on the SD card (/mnt/mmc).

Nothing happened after the reset or upgrade.
I could run this script fine using WinSCP on the controller.
But I couldn't figure how to enable it run automatically after reset?

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help.

$cd /
$cp -r -f mnt/mmc/applets /usr/share/jive
$cp -f mnt/mmc/global_strings.txt /usr/share/jive/jive
$cd /usr/share/jive/fonts/

$mv FreeSans.ttf /mnt/mmc
$mv FreeSansBold.ttf /mnt/mmc
$ln -s /mnt/mmc/arialuni.ttf FreeSans.ttf
$ ln -s /mnt/mmc/arialuni.ttf FreeSansBold.ttf