View Full Version : Reciever cannot connect to wireless network

2008-11-20, 14:35
I have successfully connected the controller to my wireless network, but for some reason unable to connect the receiver (wireless). I have WPA security enabled...

2008-11-27, 15:41
I too had this problem, the controller times out and the receiver just sits there slowly blinking red at you? I went through all the troubleshooting steps then contacted Logitech who thought it may be faulty. I contacted my supplier and they sent me a replacement which worked straight away. They don't seem to want the broken one back though so I've got 2 controllers for the price of one! I may one day see if the broken receiver works when wired - bonus if it does!

2008-11-28, 10:13
My Duet receiver stopped working 2 weeks ago after a period of inactivity. Now all I can get is the slow flashing red light. Receiver will not reset whatever I try. Can anyone offer advice on this?

2008-11-29, 05:40
Will sound odd perhaps, but what internet security are you using? That was just one of the issues that i had to solve? See my post about Kaspersky

2008-12-01, 01:14
Thanks for the suggestion but I've tried removing all security settings and it makes no difference.